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1. Netcher Road Bridge (2.7 miles from Jefferson)The bridge is construct ed over Mill Creek in Jefferson Township, and it features a timber arch with inverted Haupt walls. The "Neo Victorian" design structure is 110 feetlong, 22-feet wide, and 14-feet, six inches high. Construction started in 1998, and it was funded by an ODOT Timber Grant.
2. South Denmark Road Bridge (2.7 miles from Netcher Road Bridge) Built in 1890, this Town lattice bridge spans Mill Creek. The 81-foot structure was bypassed in 1975, but is easily accessible.
3. Caine Road Bridge (6.7 miles from S. Denmark Bridge) This first Pratt truss bridge in Ohio was built in 1986 in honor of Ashtabula County’s 175th Anniver-sary. The 124-foot long bridge traverses the west branch of the Ashtabula River in Pier-point Twp.
4. Graham Road Bridge (5.9 miles from Caine Road Bridge) The Graham Road Bridge, which was built from remnants of a bridge washed downstream in the 1913 flood, now sits in a small park on the south side of the road. The 97-foot Town Truss was over the west branch of the Ashtabula River in Pierpont Township.
5. Root Road Bridge (3.9 miles from Graham Road Bridge) A 114-foot Town lattice built in 1868, Root crosses the Ashtabula River. It was raised 18 inches during the rehabilitation in 1982/83, and newlaminated girders and a center concrete pierwere added.
6. Middle Road Bridge (8.3 miles from Root Road Bridge) This 136- foot Howe truss bridge was built in 1868 over Conneaut Creek, which is the longest river in eastern Ashtabula County. It was reconstructed in 1984 with the help of three volunteers and four college students.
7. State Road Bridge (5.1 miles from Middle Road Bridge) Containing 97,000 feet of southern pine and oak, the State Road Bridge was erected in 1983 across Conneaut Creek. The 152-foot Town lattice span was the first covered bridge designed and built by County Engineer John Smolen, Jr. A four-foot tall window extends the length of the bridge showing the Town lattice construction. The dedication of the bridge in 1983 was the forerunner of the Covered Bridge Festival.
8. Creek Road Bridge (3.4 miles from State Road Bridge) The con-struction date of this 125-foot Town lattice bridge is unknown. It sits 25 feet above the Conneaut Creek and was extensively renovated in 1994.
9. Benetka Road Bridge (1.5 miles from Creek Road Bridge) A 138- foot Town lattice with Arch bridge, Benetka was built about 1900 spanning the Ashtabula River. It was renovated in 1985. A laminated arch 9-inches wide and 38-inches thick was added to the length of the bridge.
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PostedOctober 12, 2017